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Improving North Adriatic ports maritime accessibility and hinterland connections to the Core Network (NAPA4CORE)

RMG lanes under construction in Koper

By Mid October 2016 the construction of the third stretch of RMG lanes was concluded in Koper.
In that way by the end of this year it is expected that RMG lanes of a total of 740 meters will be constructed as part of the NAPA4CORE Action. The new lanes will support operations with new RMG cranes, two of which arrived in Koper at the end of September. The construction has been divided into seven stretches to minimize interference with railway operations. Steel piles are foreseen for deep foundations.

rmg-splet-napa4core-2 rmg-splet-napa4core-3 rmg-splet-napa4core

rmg-splet-napa4core-4 rmg-splet-napa4core-5