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Environmental consent for investments in Pier I at the Port of Koper

On the 15th of May 2017 the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia issued the environmental consent for the Comprehensive arrangement of Pier I at the Port of Koper.
Such arrangement includes a series of container related investments, some of which are co-financed through the CEF NAPA4CORE Action. The environmental permit confirms among others the environmental acceptability of the Extension of the southern operational shore of Pier I with the construction of berth 7D.
Cumulative effects with other container related investments for which the full EIA was not necessary, but are also co-financed as part of NAPA4CORE were also considered in the environmental report. Such investments are indicated in the picture below.

1a – new berth 7D
2 – reconstruction of berth 7a and 7b
3 – reconstruction of berth 7
5 – railway tracks 21a,b and RMG tracks
6 – enlargement of railway bridge with railway track 21c
7 – railway track 18c
8 – new entrance Bertoki

In case in the next 15 days complaints won’t be filed, the project for acquisition of the building permit for the construction of berth 7D will be submitted to competent authorities.