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Improving North Adriatic ports maritime accessibility and hinterland connections to the Core Network (NAPA4CORE)

Railway track 18c at the Port of Koper already in use

On the 26th of May 2017 the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia issued the operating permit for the railway track 18c at the Port of Koper. The railway track has been therefore put into use to serve the empty depo for containers at the Port of Koper.

The construction of the railway track 18c is co-financed by the CEF Action Napa4Core and started in December 2016.

With the construction of the railway track 18c, the NAPA4CORE sub-activity 3.4 is concluded. Such sub-activity foresaw beside the construction of the mentioned track 18c, also the construction of railway tracks 21 a, b and c with a railway bridge and the construction of 2 gantry cranes tracks, which are all needed to support the growth of the container traffic.

Right due to the constant increase in the number of containers in Koper, an empty depo has been arranged in the hinterland of the container terminal, which is expected to be fully operational by mid-July 2017.