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Improving North Adriatic ports maritime accessibility and hinterland connections to the Core Network (NAPA4CORE)

Glimpse from the TEN-T days in Ljubljana

In the days from the 25th to the 27th of April 2018 the TEN-T days 20018 took place in Ljubljana.
The event was an opportunity to hear about status of the investments on the TEN-T corridors, about synergies between transport, energy and digital connectivity, but also about investments needed after the 2020 framework. Novelty of this year was the organization of a futuristic lab to allow young European entrepreneurs and companies to showcase innovative mobility solutions.
In parallel to the conference an exhibition of CEF co-financed projects took place, among which there was also NAPA4CORE which was presented on stand no. 19 together with the projects ADRI UP and CARESMATIC, that involve investments in Adriatic ports.


On the picture Commissioner Bulc during her visit to the NAPA4CORE stand together with Mr. Alberto Cozzi from the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and Mr. Matteo Arena from RAM spa.